On this page, we are going to post a complete guide from the Livetheorangelife portal to Home Depot, login, 401k, affiliate discounts, and many more details. Here you will find all the information about the Livetheorangelife portal. The official website gives access to all the benefits. Read all the details about Home Depot, the connection, 401k, member discounts, and more on this page.


When we talk about the official Home Depot website, Livetheorangelife is an online web portal for Home Depot Company employees. Employees can access all benefits in one place through this portal. If you are an employee and want to enjoy all the rewards and benefits, you should visit the main website,

Official Login
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Employees can access their annual financial and medical benefits program directly through the portal. Before continuing with the position, we would like to inform you if you are an employee.

So that you can use all the facilities comfortably, before you can use all the functions, you need to perform a few steps. How to register on the official website. See full details on upcoming jobs and company MyTHDR benefits such as B. Medications, Health, Vacation Worker Stock Purchase, 401k Plan. Find out about the transaction, receive your loyalty points, etc. You can use many functions by logging in. Now read the step-by-step instructions to learn about all aspects of the Livetheorangelife portal.


Here Is The Registration Process.

To use the portal, each new employee must first register on the Livetheorangelife portal. that’s how

  • Visit the official website at
  • On the home page, you will find a link with the title “New user?”
  • Click on the link to continue with your registration.
  • You will be redirected to the Livetheorangelife registration page.
  • You will now need to enter certain information to identify yourself as a Home Depot employee.
  • You must include the last four digits of the social security number.
  • Therefore, you must enter your date of birth.
  • After entering all the details correctly, click the Next button.
  • If you are a Home Depot employee, your contact details will be available in the database, and you will be directed to a registration page. If an error occurs, you will receive an error message.
  • On the registration page, you will need to enter your employee ID, email address, phone number, and other details.
  • Follow the instructions and fill out the form and register at Livetheorangelife.
  • You will receive an email from the company; click on the link attached to the email.
  • Now create a new username and password to access
  • You will also need to select and answer a security question. This is useful when you need to change your password.
  • After completing the process, you are ready to login into the Livetheorangelife portal.

Registering on the Livetheorangelife portal is not a difficult task. You will know for yourself after reading these connection instructions. However, before you do this, there are some prerequisites for this process that you must meet. Without these requirements, you cannot log into the portal.

Step By Step Login Process

Now you can start the process. However, please note that you should not start until you have completed the requirements of the registration process above.

  • The first step is to choose a device that can connect to the Internet or WiFi.
  • You can select one of the devices and connect it to the Internet or WiFi.
  • Once connected to the Internet or WiFi, you will need to access a web browser. There are different web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc., and you can choose what you want.
  • Go to the Search tab and enter the address of the Livetheorangelife web portal. After entering the web portal address, you need to click on the Search tab.
  • The portal takes you to the home page.
  • On the Livetheorangelife home page, you will find the login option on the right side of the page.
  • Select it and start entering your Livetheorangelife login details.
  • First of all, you need to enter your Livetheorangelife username in the first field.
  • You will also need to enter your Livetheorangelife login account password in the second field.
  • After entering both login details, you will need to click on the login option to log into your Livetheorangelife login account.
  • Once in your account, you can access all the things that are available to you.

These are the steps to follow to log into your Livetheorangelife login account. Also, check the steps below to recover your lost Livetheorangelife login account password.


Forgot Your Password? Here Are The Steps To Reset It

Like the login page, you will need to access it for the recovery process.

  • Once on the home page, you will see the account recovery option just below the login options.
  • You must select this option which will take you to the next page of the portal.
  • There you must enter the last 4 digits of your SSN in the first space.
  • After entering the SSN digits, you must enter your date of birth. There you have the option to enter your date of birth.
  • These two steps are used for identification.
  • After entering these two details, you need to click on the Next option.
  • This brings the Livetheorangelife login portal to the next page.
  • There are a few more steps you can take to recover your lost account password.
  • After completing all the steps, you will receive a new password for your Livetheorangelife login portal account.
  • This is the same procedure that you must follow to obtain your username or username from Livetheorangelife.

Here are the steps to recover your lost Livetheorangelife login account username or password. If you have any questions about the above procedure, you can also contact us in the comment box.

Following Are The Login Requirement

  • Login Account username
  • Login account password
  • PC or smartphone or tablet or laptop
  • Internet connection or Wi-Fi connection
  • Web navigator
  • Livetheorangelife web portal address

Login Tips For Portal Users

  • Employees and colleagues must ensure that the Internet connection is secure before connecting.
  • Furthermore, your access data must not be passed on to anonymous users.
  • Employees are likely to update their passwords after a while.
  • Keep the practice of logging out after the session.
  • Employees and employees who do not yet have access to their LiveTheOrangeLife login accounts can contact one of the technical support numbers above. If not, comment on your Home Depot benefit enrollment issues below and request our help online here.


Benefits You Can Avail On The Portal

As mentioned above, this portal is about the benefits that Home Depot employees receive. If you want to know more about the benefits of Livetheorangelife, here is the list.

  • Home Depot offers health insurance to its employees, part-time workers, and executives over the age of 70.
  • Dental
  • Short-term and long-term disability insurance (for current full-time employees only)
  • Life insurance duration
  • Accidental Accident and Death Insurance (AD&D)
  • In the successful Livetheorangelife exchange program, the employee splits services because he receives a bonus based on her income.
  • They offer an employee share purchase program that offers employees a 15% discount on every company share they purchase from Livetheorangelife.
  • As part of the tuition reimbursement program, some schools and colleges offer fees ranging from 50% to $ 5,000.
  • With Livetheorangelife, employees can withdraw from the license. benefits
  • holidays
  • Personal/sick days
  • holidays
  • Get out
  • legal department
  • floating days
  • Humanitarian leave
  • Days of mourning

Livetheorangelife – Additional Benefits

  • FutureBuilder 401 (k) Plan
  • Banking and direct deposit incentives
  • Expense account
  • Legal services plan
  • Auto/home insurance
  • Veterinary insurance
  • Moving assistance
  • Volunteer events at Team Depot
  • Supplemental donation program
  • CARE/solutions for the life
  • Adoption assistance
  • METDesk – Help for Family Members with Special Needs
  • Employee discounts
  • Program to stop smoking
  • Income tax reduction program
  • Supportive care for those in need

Brief Description Of Live The Orange Life Portal

Home Depot employees enjoy many benefits. To access these benefits and your information, they created a separate portal called Any Home Depot employee can visit the portal and access their benefits, which include health care, health care, employee vacation sharing, and more. To obtain this information, employees must log in to the Livetheorangelife portal.


About Home Depot

Home Depot is an American construction supplies retailer. They have more than 3,000 stores in the United States and other countries. They have more than 400,000 workers in their stores, making them one of the largest retailers in the country. They have an acting portal called Livetheorangelife and a myTHDHR management portal.

All the success you enjoy is due to the staff and true customer service. For these employees, The Home Depot has launched several programs to help them in any way possible. One of them is Livetheorangelife. It’s about providing some of the best options for employees who work at Home Depot. All you have to do is log into Livetheorangelife and get access to what is available to you. You never expect the number of benefits it offers you. Therefore, all employees try to take advantage of these advantages. After reading this, you are about to subscribe to Livetheorangelife. Many people face the same problems. To solve this problem, we have created this article to guide you through the process.

About MyTHDHR 

All major retail stores have an employee management portal. For Home Depot, it’s MyTHDHR. A representative can visit your website at From there, they can review their work plans, tasks, and other information. Livetheorangelife and MyTHDHR are linked and these portals are required for Home Depot employees.

Contact Information

If a Home Depot employee has questions about Livetheorangelife, she can contact the numbers below.

Personal Services Center: 866-698-4347

Choice Center Benefits: 800-555-4954

Postal address: Outside the United States, Puerto Rico, or Canada 1-847-883-0557

9 a.m. at 7 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Livetheorangelife?

This is a performance portal created by The Home Depot for its employees. Employees can access their financial, leisure, and health benefits directly at

What benefits can a Livetheorangelife employee have?

Home Depot employees can access their health and life insurance policies, time off information, financial information such as 401K and employee stock options, etc.

I am a part-time Home Depot employee. Can I get benefits?

Most stores do not offer benefits for part-time workers, but Home Depot is not one of them. Livetheorangelife offers many advantages. Some of them are dental insurance, vision insurance, short-term life insurance, and life insurance.

Is there an app for Home Depot employees?

Yes, Home Depot employees can download and access the Google app using their My Apron ID.

How do I find Home Depot near me?

Visit the official Home Depot locator website at

We hope you find all the information in this article useful. In this article, we are talking about registration, a process for Livetheorangelife, login, and password reset. We are also talking about the employee portal MyTHDHR. If you need help with Livetheorangelife or MyTHDHR, you can ask us in the comment section.


The Livetheorangelife connection is one of the best ways to increase work ethic and trust in the company. The independent official site helps improve data security and offers several benefits. Employees can easily communicate their ideas for the success of the project. Interaction and access to routine updates are a breeze with a few simple registration steps.

Above all, living the orange login allows you to reduce your carbon footprint. In a way, it protects Mother Earth, as many documentation tasks can be done digitally without using a single sheet of paper.